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From Angela Willingham (see our clemency project page for information on Angela)

We have no one in our campus with the infection at this time. We do know that some men have been under an additional quarantine that show symptoms in the LOW and heard in the MED and one of the PENS. Some say that some staff here have been infected but we do not know for sure.

As far as the CARES Act. The officer/ case manager Mr. C. gave a town hall and said that:

  1. The BOP does what it wants. Not all of us are going home.
  2. The focus right now is on only inmates that have done 50% or more of their time, no violence, gun charges, no shots (It does not seem to matter whether they are sick or not because some inmates with notice are young and healthy).
  3. The Quarantine….we have been in a quarantine since the 1st of April. They are saying that now we may have to be under an additional quarantine and they are bringing in people from outside in. Their quarantine policies make no since. Some women are called out to work and risking staff and all of the others. It simply is not a safe environment for staff or inmates.

The higher ups just don’t seem to get it. If it is serious enough out there to make the ATTY GEN want to let prisoners go home, then this is serious and needs to be applied in a fast manner. No hardened hearts this time, because it is time that is of the essence.

I have completed 50% of my 14 year sentence without any incident report. Never any violence in my history. My immune system has been exposed to the Legionella bacteria. I am a chronic care inmate with diabetes, hypertension, and Anemia. Also, I have applied for compassionate release, it was denied, and currently I have a clemency application pending.

I give you permission to use my name. Thank you for all you help.

Peace and blessings…… Angela Willingham #09415-021

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