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The Evolution of Probation: Community-Based Reentry Services

Probation, Probation, Community Corrections November 30, 2021 Over the past few decades, political, social, economic, and technological changes have impacted the role of probation within …

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Podcast Ep. 05: Trauma & Healing when Mom Goes to Prison, Guests: Jacqueline Polverari and Her Daughters, Alexa & Maria

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My name is Angela Willingham and this is my story…

Hello, My name is Angela Willingham, I am a white-collar offender.  I have been incarcerated since January 29, 2013, serving a sentence of 14 years …

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Meet Tanya Fox

I am a 47 year old single mother of nine children, ranging from the ages of 12 through 27 years old.  I also have seven …

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