Judith Negron

Judith, Inmate #95719-004 was offered a plea deal of 25 years, She went to trial and on 8/23/2011 got 35 years in She has served: almost 9 years Petitioner: NEGRON, JUDITHClemency Case File Number: C280227BOP Register Number: 95719-004Relief Sought: Commutation of SentenceStatus: Granted!Final Action Date:2/18/2020

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Angela Willingham

Angela Willingham was sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2013 and is asking to be reunited with her family. Read Angela’s story on our “Stories” page. Petitioner: WILLINGHAM, ANGELAClemency Case File Number:C282719BOP Register Number:09415-021Relief Sought: Commutation of SentenceStatus: Pending

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Tayna Fox

Tanya Fox was sentenced to 240 months in 2014. She is a single mother of 9 children ranging from the ages of 12 through 27. You can read Tanya’s story on our “Stories” page and sign her petition at: Petitioner: FOX, TANYA MClemency Case File #: C178859BOP Register Number: 60504-018Relief Sought:Commutation of SentenceStatus:Pending

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Marian Morgan

Marian Morgan took her case to trial = a 34-year prison sentence. Her co-defendant plead guilty = 10 years. Read Marion’s Story on our “Stories” page. Petitioner: MORGAN, MARIAN I Clemency Case File Number: C173985 BOP Register Number: 74212-083 Relief Sought: Commutation of Sentence Status: Pending

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