Sara Mari Hoehn

Petitioner: HOEHN, SARA MARIClemency Case File #: C285424BOP Register Number: 21278-017Relief Sought: Commutation of SentenceStatus: Pending

Judith Negron

Judith, Inmate #95719-004 was offered a plea deal of 25 years, She went to trial and on 8/23/2011 got 35 years in She has served: almost 9 years Petitioner: NEGRON, JUDITHClemency Case File Number: C280227BOP Register Number: 95719-004Relief Sought: Commutation of SentenceStatus: Granted!Final Action Date:2/18/2020

Anastassia Bogomolova, Ph.D.

Anastassia, Inmate #60833-018 received a 14 year prison sentence in 2015, she was a 1st time offender. she is pleading for a 2nd chance and to be reunited with her now teenage son. Petitioner: BOGOMOLOVA, ANASTASSIAClemency Case File Number: C284812BOP Register #: 60833-018Relief Sought: Commutation of SentenceStatus: Pending

Angela Willingham

Angela Willingham was sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2013 and is asking to be reunited with her family. Read Angela’s story on our “Stories” page. Petitioner: WILLINGHAM, ANGELAClemency Case File Number:C282719BOP Register Number:09415-021Relief Sought: Commutation of SentenceStatus: Pending

Tayna Fox

Tanya Fox was sentenced to 240 months in 2014. She is a single mother of 9 children ranging from the ages of 12 through 27. You can read Tanya’s story on our “Stories” page and sign her petition at: Petitioner: FOX, TANYA MClemency Case File #: C178859BOP Register Number: 60504-018Relief Sought:Commutation of SentenceStatus:Pending

Marian Morgan

Marian Morgan took her case to trial = a 34-year prison sentence. Her co-defendant plead guilty = 10 years. Read Marion’s Story on our “Stories” page. Petitioner: MORGAN, MARIAN I Clemency Case File Number: C173985 BOP Register Number: 74212-083 Relief Sought: Commutation of Sentence Status: Pending

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