My name is Angela Willingham and this is my story…

Hello, My name is Angela Willingham, I am a white-collar offender.  I have been incarcerated since January 29, 2013, serving a sentence of 14 years and 2 months, followed by 3 years supervised release for Conspiracy to Defraud the Government, by filing fraudulent tax returns, Aggravated Identity theft, and Misuse of Health Identifiers. 

As I journey through my incarceration I feel sometimes the best of what I have to offer gets buried deep behind the walls of imprisonment. I wake up each day with prayer, “Lord”! Forgive me for my sins, protect me from the enemy, and comfort my loved ones during our time of separation.  I then start my day battling for my sanity, purpose, and freedom.  I try to be a busy role model as a prisoner and my mind is constantly working on how I can innovate, create, or inspire.

Since my incarceration, I have been working on my goals, personal relationships, and my spiritual growth.  In January 2018, I received a certificate of Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies from Blackstone Career Institute and in August 2016 I became a jailhouse lawyer member of the National Lawyers Guild.  I also became an Ambassador for Another Chance 4 Inmates in June 2018 and received a certificate of Custodial Maintenance from TPC, Inc. in March 2019.  I have been ordained and received my credentials of Ministry from Universal Life Church in June 2019.  I am currently enrolled in an Associate Degree of Biblical Studies at Revelation Message Bible College and studying to become a Certified Alcohol/Drug Counselor from the Center for Addiction Studies and Research.  I have completed various faith based and reentry programs and maintained clear conduct.

On June 19 2018, I filed a petition for clemency in hopes for a second chance in life on the outside.  The petition was mailed to President Donald Trump, Senior Adviser Jared Kushner, and former White House Counsel Donald McGhan. Also, I am inspired to start a movement “White Collar Clemency Project” when I reenter the community.  White Collar Clemency Project’s mission will be to advocate and support white collar offenders for clemency that have 10 years or more and have served 50% of their sentence; as they are rehabilitated and re-entry ready to transition back into their communities.  The project will be a platform to give White Collar Offenders the opportunity to share the injustices they have endured such as; famously induced Plea agreements, excessive penalties for exercising their right to proceed to Trial, receiving consecutive and mandatory minimums, and the crime vs. time.  White Collar offenses that pose no threat to society are overly enhanced and sentenced very harshly.  The bottom line this platform and project will be for Freedom.  My vision is that returning citizens are some of the most loyal and productive talent pools available to the community and an employer, with an emphasis to reduce the staggering cost to taxpayers for the incarceration of white collar offenses.

To view and sign my petition, “Second Chance 4 Rehabilitated, Reentry Ready white collar offender” go to

Also, listen to the amazing and powerful interviews of the “White Collar Clemency Project” with Angela Willingham on the “Stones Will Cry Out” with Domita White and “Conversations with Malik” at  at

Letters and encouragement are encouraged!  You can contact me at:

Angela Willingham #09415-021
Federal Correctional Complex Camp, F-1
P.O. Box 1027
Coleman, FL 33521

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