May Pole!

Hello !
I am not dancing around the May Pole today !

I WILL BE  only when I successfully get home.

FYI : At the Danbury prison for men the inmates have filed a class action law suit against the BOP because they have left the most vulnerable, sick, high risk and older inmates in danger of COVID 19. I believe someone is getting ready to do that here too.

I think we need to go to the source ( President Trump) via intercessions from Alice Johnson, Judith Negron, Kim Kardashian, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump , every Criminal Justice Reform Advocate and every Senator and Member of Congress.

I am still working on the Compassionate Release and Clemency routes too as all roads lead to HOME !!!!!!! 🙂

Our conditions are getting worse and worse.
Yesterday raw sewage came up in our showers and bathrooms in our Unit. We were told we would get an Incident Report if we dared go to another unit to use the facilities. They allowed us to go outside and use the one toilet in the Visitation Room. It has been a real challenge for the people in wheelchairs and walkers, particularly for the ones who need a push in their wheel chairs. We are all afraid that Legionnaires will RE erupt here too.
They are now doing a stand up count every 2 hours here starting at 8 am weekdays and weekends, supposedly because campers are wlaking off their compounds because of the fear of COVID 19. It is crazy because they have given us free video calls and free phone calls but it is difficult to know WHEN we can use either because even though count might be called at 8 , they may not show up until 8.45 !! So if you DID have a video conference at 8.30 or 8 you miss both. They also want us back in our cubicles during count and say they will not count us at the video conferencing station. Yesterday one officer wrote 15 Incident Reports for the inmates who were not in their cubicles during count !!!

We are practically in our cubicles all day every day except for going to pick up our Styrofoam containers on meals or to go to Medical when they call each unit one at a time.

Today makes Day 31 of being locked down. Usually at Camps where we are Minimum security there is more freedom so we are not used to being locked down. We have not had even 1 hour a day for recreation. All County jails even allow for that. So no Vitamin D for us. They did bring in some exercise equipment and play an exercise video but since we are one on top of the other here there is hardly any room to avail ourselves of either.

Thank you,

Marian Morgan / Coleman Camp Florida

Friday, May 1 9:32am

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