Evolution Reentry Services

The Evolution of Probation: Community-Based Reentry Services

Probation, Probation, Community Corrections November 30, 2021 Over the past few decades, political, social, economic, and technological changes have impacted the role of probation within ...
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Podcast Ep. 05: Trauma & Healing when Mom Goes to Prison, Guests: Jacqueline Polverari and Her Daughters, Alexa & Maria

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May Pole!

Hello !I am not dancing around the May Pole today ! I WILL BE  only when I successfully get home. FYI : At the Danbury ...
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Camper at Greenville writes in…

April 15, 2020 3:51 pm Dear Family & Friends, A letter from the Warden came out today with the following information: Effective April 13, the ...
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From: an inmate at Alderson FPC

I was told today that they are only sending people home that are minimum risk and have completed 50% of their sentence. They have been ...
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From: an inmate at FPC Alderson #2

The Warden here at Alderson said last week during a town hall after being asked if people would be released as per AU Barr’s Memo…I ...
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