Asset Protection Strategist

Asset protection Strategist is the various legal and financial strategies employed to safeguard an individual’s assets from potential claims by litigants and other potential claimants. When going through the criminal justice system it is crucial for individuals to have a well-thought-out asset protection plan to maximize your success after incarceration. Protecting one’s asses is also essential for maintain financial stability and ensuring long-term financial goals are met. As asset protection strategists we not only help you understand how to shield assets from potential legal claims but also help manage risk, minimize tax liability, and streamline your reentry planning.

Asset Protection Strategist

Real Estate is often one of the most valuable personal assets. This includes primary residences, vacation homes, rental properties, and undeveloped land. It is crucial to protect these assets from government liens and they are subject to claims as you move through the criminal justice system. No other prison consulting firm helps you identify areas that you are vulnerable for forfeiture.

Our experts in Real Estate Title will assess the vulnerability of your real estate assets and help build an effective protection plan. Factors to consider include the type of asset, its current ownership structure any existing legal claims, liens, or potential threats.

Our primary goal is to help safeguard your wealth and minimize exposure from your legal situation, limit personal liability, and ultimately preserve one’s assets to be able to rebuild a financial future for yourself and your family.

Jacqueline Purcell has been a property title expert for 30 years and has over a decade of proven success in asset protection management.
After being incarcerated in 2015 she has dedicated herself to helping individuals become successful after incarceration and specializes in support, employment, education, and housing services.
With her master’s degree in Business and Social Work, She returned to university after incarceration obtaining her master’s degree in criminal justice specializing in restitution policies. She currently works with attorneys throughout the country on policies and procedures for retaining homeownership with successful outcomes.
She also works with various federal financial litigation units to fine-tune restitution payment plans allowing formerly incarcerated individuals to build financial freedom.
With her knowledge, expertise and understanding of property standards of title and federal and state restitution practices has successfully helped over 125 formerly incarcerated individuals rebuild their lives to financial success while continuing to take care of their restitution obligations.

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