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A Woman at FMC Carswell, Texas

PLEASE let the public know that Carswell has released NO one. In our unit, 2 north, there are 2 entire rooms out with suspected COVID-19 Viruses. They put us in full lockdown but we were not protected before this blew up. Until last Friday we had people leaving our unit to work in the hospital despite one death (self surrender who left who was pregnant). I am beyond terrified. We have NO cleaning supplies for our rooms. We have been given ONE mask and told it lasts one week. We are given NO gloves. The unit manager said NONE of us qualify but her history is notorious.

It is life threatening here.

They are refusing to let us use email for longer than 5 minutes and have to choose between it and phones. Screamed at in the showers and we are treated like animals. PLEASE TELL REGION. GET US HELP!!!!

Thank you for all you do!!!

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