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Development, Change, Advancement, Growth, Rise, & Progress

Bringing the inside to the outside... one woman at a time, one step at a time

Founded in 2018, Evolution Reentry Services a 501(c)(3) nonprofit is a comprehensive Criminal Justice services organization that is committed to helping returning women and their families rebuild their lives…one woman at a time.

Evolution Reentry Services, through its unique and nationally unduplicated non-violent Reentry Services and its coordinated and collaborative partnerships with numerous statewide agencies/community service providers and organizations, is building and routinizing a non-violent felon community-based reentry platform that will provide for a smooth and seamless transition into society for all women convicted of a non-violent felony,  whether currently in prison,  coming directly from incarceration or already residing within the community.

By pulling together all resources, organizations, and programs into one coordinated effort, Evolution Reentry Services is re-inventing reentry with a stronger service model for those with criminal backgrounds.  Through this model, Evolution Reentry Services is dedicated to helping returning citizens rebuild their lives through support with employment, education, finances, and homeownership…breaking down the stigma related to having a flawed background.

Headquartered in Connecticut, with an office in Branford, Evolution Reentry Services is dedicated to continuing to expand its vast network for returning citizens throughout the country every year.  This reentry initiative encourages service providers and State stakeholders to focus on providing long-term solutions to complex issues related to successful community reintegration for a unique returning citizen that otherwise would not have any support network.

A key to the success of Evolution is change, development, growth, rise and progress.  We are dedicated to that personal Evolution by educating the community on how to help women successfully reenter society.  In particular, Evolution Reentry Services stresses the importance of helping women returning from incarceration in rebuilding all aspects of their lives working toward ultimate freedom.

women together

ImpaCTful women award

FOX61 and United Way joined forces to recognize and honor individuals, groups and organizations who make a significant contribution to health care, housing, financial empowerment and/or the education sector in Connecticut. This black-tie event aimed to raise awareness and resources to benefit the well-being of children, adults and families in the communities where we live and work. Jacqueline Purcell, Executive Director of Evolution Reentry Services was a finalist in the Impactful woman Award
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