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Become a Women's Reentry Mentor

We Change lives, one woman at a time, through a proven mentorship program. Going through the criminal legal system is an isolating time especially for women. Our group of women mentors have been through the journey of being charged, sentenced, incarcerated and successfully completed probation as well as being successful in reentry. We know what you are feeling and help to ease the anxiety and fear of the unknown.

Evolution Mentors are volunteers who serve pre-released and post-released women with social, personal and professional services including life skills, home ownership, financial literacy, professional etiquette, parenting and co-parenting skills.

Our re-entry initiative, mentoring transitioning women through their journey is unlike any other. Our Mentors are successful entrepreneurs and have been there themselves. known for their personal and professional proven successes they represent industries in the judicial and criminal justice system, law enforcement, healthcare, mental health, retail, philanthropic society and various local and global businesses.

These are some important ways our women's prison mentors benefit women who are trying to navigate the criminal justice program:


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Help Guide Other Women Through Their Journey With The Criminal Justice System.

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