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Marian Morgan; An inmate at Coleman FPC, Florida

Oh My ! First they tell us they are partially locking us down and quarantining us on the 1st. The quarantine has been a joke. We have been locked down and only allowed to go to the Chow Hall to pick up our Styrofoam trays with food and bring them back to the unit or to Medical for insulin or meds or sick call. We have been called unit by unit so we would not mingle with other units. We have NEVER BEEN GIVEN MASKS despite what the BOP is alleging. Very few officers wear masks and the only time we see them is when they count or come to give us mail.

Yesterday the geniuses here called approximately 60 women who HAD COMPLETED 50 % OF THE THEIR SENTENCES AND TOLD THEM TO GET READY TO BE RELEASED. So their “understanding” of A.G. Barr’s Memo is not to move HIGH RISK/ELDERLY INMATES TO HOME CONFINEMENT to save them from COVID 19 but to simply SHOW they are in compliance with his order by telling perfectly healthy people in the 40s they can go home provided they have a residence and have someone to pick them up. Go Figure !

Then the icing on the cake came last night when they decided to move everyone out of one of the 4 units here from F2 to F1, F3 and F4. F3 and F4 are upstairs so not everybody can handle stairs. It meant those that could not climb stairs had to be moved to F1 ( my unit). The reason for emptying out F2 is to make it a quarantine unit. Really ? We share the same ventilation system. Why not use the Visitation room instead like many other institutions are doing ? But there is a bigger problem. Many people need bottom bunks because they are elderly or hurting.

So since April 1st we were never ever allowed outside for one hour of RECREATION even although we begged to go outside. ( Even County jails allow inmates outdoors for REC for 1 hour per day ) But at 7.30 this morning we got barking orders to vacate the unit and go outside, even on the track. WHY ? Because they brought a team of officers and asked for 6 volunteer inmates to cut the bunk beds and put them side by side to create bottom bunks.

In the meantime it is our understanding that 3 people who were in County Jail (for incident reports) are being brought back to Coleman Camp. Guess where they are going ? To F2 the quarantine unit !!!

So now we have been sitting outside for 2 hours and they have not completed the cutting of the beds. Thank God it is not raining. No bathrooms are open outside either


This place is getting more and more ridiculous.

We need people to contact A.G. Barr and President Trump and Jared Kushner to let them know that the BOP is basically using “their discretion’ as Barr mentions in his Mmeo, and are NOT releasing elderly high risk very sick people who have heart, respiratory, auto immune and kidney disorders to home confinement if they have not completed 50 % of their sentences even though everyone of them are non violent first time offenders. Instead they are only looking at if the individual has completed 50% of their sentence.

I was under the mistaken impression that COVID 19 was a HEALTH ISSUE. I did not realize that COVID 19 was looking at how much time a person had done !!!

PLEASE HELP US. THEY HAVE NEVER TESTED ANY OF US. NOR HAVE THEY GIVEN US MASKS. WE SELDOM HAVE SOAP OR PAPER TOWELS (Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal had an article speaking of the importance not only of washing one’s hands but drying them properly). None of the safety measures are being adhered to. This is all a SHOW and a SHAM to appear to be in compliance.

Yesterday we had a diabetic inmate who was in ketosis. They told us THERE IS NO MEDICAL DOCTOR ON CALL and that she had to wait until 6 am. She suffered all night throwing up and getting dehydrated. Her sugar was at 400 at 5 am this morning. PLEASE HELP US. WE NEED TO BE OUT OF HERE !

It is bad enough that we have had a complete cover up of the Legionnaires outbreak that took place from November 2019 until February 2020. Now THIS !


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