Alexa Polverari

Support Services for Children of Incarcerated Parents​

Alexa joined Evolution Reentry Services as the first young woman in the country to provide support services for children of men and women who are going through the criminal justice system.

Alexa is uniquely equipped to help children & young adult women whose mothers or fathers have been impacted by the Criminal Justice System. 

From her own personal various emotions and stages of grief she encountered while a teenager into her college years when experiencing the collateral damage to children who have a parent going through the legal system, she is able to provide a one-of-a kind peer support.
Only someone who has been through such trauma could understand the loss a child or young adult feels when there is a separation due to parental incarceration.
Alexa earned her Masters Degree in Business Administration at Nichols College and coaches high school softball in her spare time.

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