David Polverari

Support Services for Husbands of Incarcerated Women​

David joined the Evolution team after he experienced the unique emotions and grief that a husband feels when their wife is incarcerated.

Every year, an estimated 2 million couples in the US vow to stick together “for better or for worse” but what happens when the “worse” part of the marriage unexpectedly includes your wife serving a prison sentence?

Suddenly the usual relationship hurdles are stacked up against forced separation, monitored phone calls and rare physical contact. And that is not to mention the immense stigma that comes with being involved with someone who’s been convicted of a crime, especially if that person is your wife.
David is able to give a rare opportunity to other men who experience the loss of their wife due to incarceration.
David is the first man in the country that now dedicates his life in mentoring men navigate the criminal justice system giving unique unprecedented support.

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